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Self-Care Success Through Community
A  FREE women's group with support, guidance and resources for mom's and creative people...
For women and creative entrepreneurs who enjoy natural solutions around reducing stress and improving focus. We believe that the key to success in life is to actually enjoying your daily life through self-care and community!
What's on the inside for you to learn and enjoy...
Theme 1: Self Care, Health & Wellness Resources
  • Mental Health: Find a full range of solutions that will work for spiritual, meditative and emotional needs. 
  • Physical Health: Find out what will work best for you specifically to stay in optimal physical health.
  • Self Care: From the traditional "spa day" to spending time outdoors. A combination of natural resources to help balance all forms of wellness.
Theme 2: Organization & Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Organization: Find tools that will help you get more focus and productivity while reducing stress and overwhelm
  • Planning & Planners: Download daily, weekly and monthly planners, along with some quick wellness hacks, and little known organizational secrets
  • Getting Ahead of Overwhelm: How to understand where you are in the moment and plan forward for successful outcomes. Then let them happen.
Theme 3: Artwork & Creativity
  • Photography: Everything from iPhone photos to fancy DSLR pics, how to take great photos and turn them into art.
  • Drawing & Illustrations: Relax, enjoy and release stress as you learn how to turn your creativity into a stress busting joy.
  • Photopainting: Fingerpainting has never been so much fun! Use a stylus or just freestyle on your phone...
Theme 4: Work Life Balance
  • Professional Tools: Find an array of templates, outlines and support.
  • Having Fun with Work: How to enjoy even the most mundane daily tasks.
  • Know When To Recharge: Learn how to find a healthy mix of work, play and free time.
Theme 5: Nourishing Your Spiritual Self
  • Energy: Ways to tap into the energy that can support you.
  • Connection: See and feel your connection to daily life and joy.
  • Spirituality: Everyone needs something to believe in and we are here to support you.
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